Strangelove Time-based Media Festival

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Strangelove DunKirk 2018

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In partnership with La Plate-Forme, Dunkirk's contemporary art laboratory, Strangelove held an open call for international performers with an important link over the duration, the time given to the action to have their work screened in Dunkirk in November 2018. The selected artists work will be  exhibited in a presentation of videos (performance tracks or performative videos) shown at La Plate-Forme in November and in the Uk in 2019.

As part of this 3 week programme at La Platform Strangelove will be presenting 3 contemporary performances by 3 Folkestone based Artists.   

Dunkirk Performances


Benjamin Sebastian

  Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night 2016

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night 2016

Benjamin will perform on Friday 9th November 2018

"The erotic is a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognised feeling." - Andre Lorde, The Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power.

My work is a visual poetics of such erotics; utilised as an anarcho-queer, feminist technology to dismantle narratives of heteronormativity, patriarchy and capitalism by illuminating our spiritual, sexual and animal selfs while centring a trans-masculine subjectivity. This is achieved via 'irrational' & esoteric methodologies such as chaos magic (contemporary sigil craft), erotics, ritual and gender fuckery. I create time-based works (moving image, performance, noise & installation) which explore ideas of becoming/transformation, transition, animalism, memento mori and queerness.

Through repetitious tropes, multiplicity, appropriation and acts of duration; my work attempts to interrupt binary logic and create new narratives and ways of being in the world. I firmly believe that queerness is not and can never be an identity. I experience it as a current, or imperative moving through and between our bodies – as an intra-subjective process of becoming. We are more than our bodies, we are relations in time & space. This thinking lies at the heart of my practice and both nourishes a critical frame work while insisting upon collaboration and longing to give voice/space to “unexpressed or unrecognised feeling”. 



  A Body 2018 (photo by Manuel Vason)

A Body 2018 (photo by Manuel Vason)

Bean will perform on Friday 16th November 2018

I make performance work that incorporates live voice, installation and film. I like using technology as a malleable material, testing & pushing it through live moments; from my earliest works playing super 8 films through my vagina, to recent works digitally tracking my body to live-edit sound.

Through my work I often 'speak' of things silenced in daily life, or attempt to undo language used in mass media/ normative pop-culture.

make performance as an act of transformation, a catharsis through sound, a reclamation & refusal of the body.


Local Foreigner 

  Layers 2018

Layers 2018

Local Foreigner will perform on Friday 23rd November 2018

In 2015,  the alter-ego Local Foreigner appeared as a response to the confused socio-political climate surrounding ideas of locality and foreignness. 

Local Foreigner is interested in the potency of life; its tensions, intensity and resonance. To further enquire into our human condition.

Local Foreigner's overarching desire is to transform the way we relate to each other & ourselves, towards less oppressed & violent relationships. 

Currently exploring the potential relationships between  technology, social networks and oral traditions to create new stories and reinvent ways of being together.





Claude Cattelain

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Julie Le Toquin

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Wilfried Dsainbayonne

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Stéphane Billot & Isabelle Crespo Rocha

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Églantine Chaumont

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Lucie Mercadal

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Pablo-Martín Córdoba

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Michaël Allibert & Jérôme Grivel

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Jacques Lennep

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Romain Gandolphe

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Samuel Buckman

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