Strangelove Time-based Media Festival

Wilfried Dsainbayonne, Statu Quo

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Strangelove Festival




Strangelove Time Based Media Festival 2018/19 is a season of co-curated events, uniquely presenting together, of artists, video, sound and performance art. Strangelove connects six major South East organisations stretching across 250 miles in London, Margate, Folkestone, Brighton and Dunkerque.

Strangelove is dedicated to promoting experimental and innovative art within the Time-based Media Meduim. The 2018/19 programme will include: a Symposium about time-based work and its themes; a call out to local and international artists; programme of historically important works, exhibitions, workshops, screenings, performances and events.

Strangelove Festival was developed by curator David Gryn (Artprojx, Daata Editions) and artist Terry Smith. The first pilot edition of Strangelove was hosted by Central St Martins, London in March 2015 and showcased more than 60 artists over 5 days. The second edition of Strangelove Festival was held in Folkestone in March 2017.


The Team

Directors: David Gryn and Terry Smith

Curating team: Philippa Wall & Luke Jones

Project Manager: Karen Pamplin Browne

Project Coordinator: Faye Golley

Marketing consultant: Chantelle Purcell

Design consultant : Stuart Brown

Advisory Panel: 

Tony Heaton OBE

Tony Grisoni

Nikki Tompsett

Eddie Berg,

Rose Cupit,

Greta Hewison 

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