Strangelove Time-based Media Festival

Strangelove Time-based Media Festival 2018

In partnership with Elodie Merland at La Plate-Forme, Dunkirk's contemporary art laboratory, Strangelove held an open call for international performers with an important link over the duration, the time given to the action. to have their work screened in Dunkirk in November 2018. The selected artists work will be  exhibited in a presentation of videos (performance tracks or performative videos)  shown at La Plate-Forme in November and in the Uk in 2019. 

As part of the 3 week programme at La Platform, Dunkirk Strangelove will be presenting 3 Contemporary Performance's by 3 Folkestone based Artists.

Strangelove Time Based Media Festival of co-curated events, uniquely presenting together, of artists, video, sound and performance art. Strangelove is dedicated to promoting experimental and innovative art within the Time-based Media Meduim.


Exhibiting Artists:


Benjamin Sebastian

Local Foreigner

Michaël Allibert & Jérôme Grivel

Stéphane Billot & Isabelle Crespo Rocha

Samuel Buckman

Claude Cattelain

Églantine Chaumont

Wilfried Dsainbayonne

Romain Gandolphe

Jacques Lennep

Julie Le Toquin

Pablo-Martín Córdoba

Lucie Mercadal



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