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Secret strangelove reappears in Folkestone 2018 with a pop up, five hour exhibition consisting of film, photography, print and sound, bringing together four artists, who each consider the bridge between past present and future. 

Does Folkestone offer a unique palette for sound, paint, photography and video when charged with a narrative so close to so many hearts and memories? Will placing this one off exhibition within the derelict building half way through its regeneration provoke questions surrounding the impact of reflection? Each work demonstrates an eerie sense of both belonging and loss.

Joel Snowman’s, film Rotunda was shot around a folkestone landmark building, that was the last remnant of the former seaside development that began in 18?? and ended effectively when Folkestone stopped being a ferry port in ????. The film is accompanied by soundtrack from Cosmic Thoughts, a group of musicians including George Cliff who compose and play nationally. Matt Rowe, as been documenting the rise and fall and rise of Folkestone for over a decade, he will be showing photographs made during the this transition period in Folkestone’s history. Leigh Mulley, has two? large scale murals in Folkestone, in this exhibition, presents two digital prints of her super realist  paintings. 

Matt Rowe’s object based practice is focused on vernacular symbols and the language of folklore. He often combines various disciplines, ceramics, model making and textiles to produce sculptural costumes, props and artifacts that play with notions of regional and local identity. He uses his costumes and props as a means to create unexpected structures in the landscape that echo with associations of storybook narratives and ancient legends. Continuingly photographing his structures, he is developing a portfolio of landscape images that blur the real and the imaginary

Leigh Mulley lives and works on the Kent Coast, UK. Her work captures the spirit and language of classic seaside resort living. Utilising bold colour and arresting detail, she reveals a beauty in the deteriorating and brash elements of amusement arcades, funfairs and souvenir shops – harnessing an often nostalgic or romantic view of the neglected and tired. Although appearing playful, her compositions also provide a commentary on notions of social class and cultural influence. 

Joel Snowman Music video for band Cosmic Thoughts, a mixture of home video taken from the internet and my own footage 20 years later at the beginning of the redevelopment of the old Folkestone Rotunda site. 2017.

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