Strangelove Time-based Media Festival



Deadline 4th February 2019

Entrance fee $7



Strangelove Festival 2019 invite you to submit a 30 second film, responding to the theme of duration - reflect our fast-paced consumer culture of digital media.

Thirty seconds is:

How long most adverts last

How long most people look at an artwork in a gallery

12 breathes

0.008th of an hour + gr-01.png

Secret strangelove call for ‘encounters’


Strangelove Festival is a nomadic project spanning 180 miles and five weeks, a unique festival bridging the gap between time-based genres. From art videos, experimental film and conventional cinema; to sound and performance works, Strangelove Festival celebrates the diversity of time-based media, with a programme of exhibitions, screenings, commissioned works, talks and performances responding to the 2019 festival theme of Duration.

Strangelove Festival curators have coined an iconic feature, Secret Strangelove, which are encounters that take place during the Festival, advertised as part of the festival programme. The Secret Strangelove audience is invited to the encounter through a single sentence description only. The audience can only guess at what they might encounter - what will happen remains a secret until they visit the location of the encounter where all is revealed. The encounter you propose can be defined within performance, poetry, sound and visual-art. Secret Strangelove highlights public spaces that are overlooked or ignored and celebrates the festival location of Folkestone, enhancing locations with encounters that explore time-based arts.

Deadline 28th January 2019