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‘Brick and Mortar’ Live Performance Works

  • Uca Project Space Brewery Tap 53 Tontine Street Folkestone, England, CT20 1JR United Kingdom (map)
Matt Mahony-Page

Matt Mahony-Page

‘Brick and Mortar’

Live Performance Works

Four artists working with performance seek to establish / carve out the foundations for a live space in which aspects of physicality in each working practice can be brought to the surface and deployed by each artist as they see fit; aiming to draw out similar notions and parallels that may have not coincided with each other before.

The Artists:

Boram Moon

South Korean Artist, based in London

Boram Moon focuses on the sensory responses evoked by power,

pressure, posture, and gesture by interrupting the physical integrity of the

materials. Moon investigates how it could be supported by the triggers

caused by memories of the unconscious and presents different ways of

emerging retrospection through psychological and philosophical grounds.


Rosie Gibbens

UK Artist, based in London

Rosie’s work usually features objects or clothes that reference different forms of labour, particularly domestic work, customer service roles and white-collar jobs. She combines these with actions that signify sexual power play, such as submissive or dominant poses, and by implying fetishistic relationships to the chosen objects. In doing this, she hopes to highlight gendered power dynamics within these forms of work, and to breakdown learned compartmentalism between the erotic and mundane.

Thomas Reul

German Artist, based in Cologne 

Thomas’ work seeks to go beyond the two-dimensional "silent image" into the three-dimensionality of space and into the processual of movement.

This development was strengthened by his photodocumentary accompaniment of performances as well as my participation in workshops by Marilyn Arsem, Jürgen Fritz, Sandra Johnston and Boris Nieslony, among others.

Since 2013 he has been involved in the organisation of performance events of the Aktionslabor PAErsche and since 2017 has been organising the collaborative performance format ‘Open Table’.

Matt Mahony-Page

UK Artist, based in Kent 
Often through methods of physical labour, the final actions or rather 'meeting points' between the artist, material and object are something strived for.

These meeting points result in dead-end exchanges which are often anticlimactic yet inevitable, carrying intended complications.

Later Event: March 23
Remains by Willie Doherty