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BEEF (Bristol Experimental Expanded Film) Curated Screening

  • Quarterhouse Auditorium 49 Tontine Street Folkestone, England, CT20 1JT United Kingdom (map)
BEEF image for screening.jpg

Duration of the screening is 60 mins and will be screened at 1.30pm and 3.30pm

Exhibiting Artists: Niyaz Saghari, Vicky Smith, Katie Davis, Dani Landau, Laura Phillips, Melanie Clifford, Marcy Saude

Curated by: Vicky Smith

The Stairs, the Suitcases and the Grand Hall of Books, Niyaz Saghari, Shot on Super8, 2019.
The poet Ali Sarandibi takes us to an experimental journey in to his work place in The Grand Hall of
Books in Enghelab street in Tehran, best known for its bookshops and Tehran University. The sound
bites from the shopkeepers tell the story of the arcade and how their work condition has changed

Small Things Moving in Unison, Vicky Smith, 16mm, 2018.
Thousands of tiny perforations made directly into 16mm black leader describe relational fields.

The Lawes of the Marches, Katie Davis, 2015.
One of the most complete documents of the ancient Anglo/Scottish Common Rides, The Lawes of the
Marches follows the political/social border and how the landscape between England and Scotland is
and was acted out during the 2014 Referendum vote.These ridings continue a 700-year-old ritual of
communal horse riding, meaning as much now as they did when marking the common ground and
commemorating the past when they began in 1500.

Walk on By, Dani Landau, 2006
One of an ongoing series of single shot films. Each one with images of people depicted small moving
about on a big screen.

Geoluread & Genie,  Laura Phillips, 2017 
Hand processed 16mm film from a Spanish region famed for its orange exports. Orange being the running thread and catalyst to the work, the framework of the film is the relationships between language, culture and cognition. The fragments of type that flash across the screen are the four known words that Genie Wiley (the feral child) could speak when taken into custody by the state in 1970; Orange, Mother, Go, Blue. The phonetic utterances are sounds from Láadan: a feminist constructed language created in 1982 by Suzette Haden Elgin in her science fiction book Native Tongue.

Old Fever Hospital 2, Melanie Clifford 2018.
Hand-processed 16mm film captured from Steenbeck editor screen

19 Very Short Films, Melanie Clifford, 2014.
Shot on Super 8 & mobile phone

Catherine, Marcy Saude, 2018.
A few scenes from a lesser-known Grimm’s fairytale, transposed to the Cumbrian countryside,
 quickly jettisoning half the story.  A woman’s work and (mis)adventures; low-key folk magic and/ as
squatting tactics; traces of process, misrecognition, ocean vistas, fells. “What we want is nice shit for